Xi'an Tianxingjian Natural Bio-products Co.,Ltd is leading manufacturer of plant active ingredients and related derivatives all around the world. It was founded in 1991. And our company is the high-tech enterprise engaged in research, manufacturing and deep-processing of natural extractives. Through over 20 years of development, our company has formed excellent image based on good product and professional service.

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Tianxingjian Group's HALAL Certificate was Approved by IFANCA Tianxingjian Group's HALAL Certificate was Approved by IFANCA  , including more than 150 products. Halal Certification is the process of verifying t...
CPhI Shanghai 25-27 June, 2013 We’ll attend CPhI Shanghai during 25-27 June, 2013. Our Booth No. is E4B90. Warmly welcome you come to visit and discuss cooperation with us at our Booth.
The new website of TXJ group officially put into use! Congratulate the Xi'an Tianxingjian group website edition correction to be successful and officially put into use, welcome to visit!
Please note: "live" dimension is fake "Jin Ruifen" forger: family doctor capsule At present, we also found that people in Nanjing went to Jia...

Head office 【Xi’An】
       Production base: Sanyuan County

Planting base of raw material:
       Yunnan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Gansu,
       Xinjiang, Xizang, Changbai mountains in
       Northeast China region, India

Branch companies
       Seoul in Korea, Illinois in America

Exhibition held in
       In China: Shanghai, Guangzhou
       Oversea region: Singapore, Geneva in
       Switzerland, Las Vegas in America, Madrid
       in Spain

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